We are getting a bit ahead of ourselves here, but we are looking for an artist. Issue #4 has an illustrated scene, we need an artist that would like to take on this challenge. If you are interested please contact us.


We are moving along into the filming stage of Issue #3. Be on the look out for new developments. We will be introducing one of are many unique features in #3 and we are very excited to keep at it. 


Just 2 days before our release date, we have finished The Silhouette Issue #2. 
Check it out here. A Hot Night in The Windy City


You can now buy Zaid Comics' comics online. For the first time ever! Click here to get Issue #1 of The Silhouette.


We are excited to be at Dan Con this year. 
Come down and join us at Orland Park Civic Center March 23. We will be showing Issue #1 and for the first time we will be showing Issue #2. 


Zaid Comics has just launched our Vine account. Follow us on Vine or Twitter for updates about photo shoots and all other news. @ZaidComics

We just released the first issue of The Silhouette at Wizard World Chicago. We are happy to announce that it was met with great success. It was no struggle to sell the readers on our art style and clever writing. We are very excited to work on the second issue. With a lot more action and explosive panels, the second issue will surely fill the need for more. 
After a long while away, we're finally back. We have been re-tooling the Silhouette project over the last several months. We now have a new Matte Black and have released Images of her sidekick Wereclown. We are excited to be back at Wizard World Chicago for the second year. And this year we are going to have a full issue for everyone to enjoy. 

We are Excited to announce that Zaid Comics will have a table at Wizard World Chicago. Join us in August as we showcase our work. We will have posters, buttons and artwork. We will also have some of the actors there for autographs and pictures. It all takes place, August 9-12.CLICK HERE for more info on the event. Or check out our Events page.


We have just posted the first look at the heroine Matte Black. Let us know what you think on our facebook. Don't forget to like our facebook page to receive more immediate updates of our progress.


We have just posted the first look at the villain The Tittler. There will be more pictures of The Tittler and the first look at Matte Black posted next week.



The first of our photo shoots have begun today. We are very excited that were finally getting started. We will be posting new art soon!



Work on our first book is screaming ahead!  We hope to have some good preview shots available soon for The Silhouette #1  "THE SILHOUETTE STRIKES!"  We're talking with people now getting some players lined up for the Zaid Comics family.